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Our Mission

To encourage young girls to discover their own style and build confidence while exploring the art of hairstyling, makeup, and fashion.


Why Fashion Camp? What is it?

Why do you need it?

At Fashion Camp, you will learn about fashion and style from the very best in the industry!  Discover the best techniques to apply make-up, style your own hair, put the right outfit together, and create the look you want. 

  • Meet and Learn From Fashion Industry Experts
  • Discover New Hair Styles and Styling Techniques
  • Learn Advanced Makeup Application
  • Stand Out by Creating the Perfect Outfit
  • Have Fun Putting Your Complete Look Together For any Occasion
  • For Girls ages 15-18 years.

Fashion Camp provides a full week of girl fun!  Each day will focus on a different activity related to fashion and style. 


This includes:
  • Meals
  • Fashion Camp Kit
  • All activities/Projects
  • Graduation Show


Founder Rosaline Hampton realzed her passion for discovering and cultivating beauty at a very young age. Today, her work takes her around the world in pursuit of the highest quality products, most innovative services, and her personal creative inspiration. She brings all of this back to clients in an intimate boutique salon that allows her to build one-on-one relationships with each person who walks through the door.  


Rosaline believes that each individual has a unique inner beauty, strength and spirit. Rosaline’s passion and talent is about matching that inner essence with a person’s outward appearance to create one seamless and genuine expression of the individual.