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  • Day 1

    Fashion Camp Orientation

    Making Your Own Custom Jewelry with Mandy Moon

    Flybarre Workout with Beverly Chaney

    All about the Fashion Industry with Julia Ryan from Fashion Group International

    Body Types and Self Confidence with Cassie Hackett and Faith Hutcherson

    Dreams and Personal Goals Seminar #1

    Mandy Moon Today's Mentors

    Mandy Moon Always drawn to vintage jewelry, Mandy started collecting pieces because she loved their beauty and the unique history unique pieces carried with them. Whether an item is 20 or 100 years old, there is something captivating in the questions of who wore it, who was it special to, and how far has it traveled. With a keen eye for design, Mandy launched her own collection, Mandy Moon Vintage and Mandy Moon RAW Bracelets.


    Beverly Chaney Amazing Barre class instructor for Flywheel, Beverly is passionate about motivating people to believe in themselves and reach their health goals. With 15 years of teaching group fitness, her energy and love for teaching comes through in every class she teaches.


    Julia RyanProgramming Co-Chair for Fashion Group International and Fashion Marketing Professor at the Art Institute Seattle.

    Cassie Hackett Combining her keen eye for spotting trends and passion for beauty with the elegance of dance and the discipline of choreography, Cassie brings a unique perspective to her clientele at Rosaline Hampton. The desire to create beauty in everything she does drove her to the world of hair, makeup and wardrobe. Finishing at the top of her class at Gene Juarez earned her work a coveted feature in the design and decor in the academy's new location.

    Faith Hutcherson This is Faith Hutcherson's second year as Project Coordinator of Fashion Camp by Rosaline Hampton. Playing volleyball for Washington State University, she brings an extensive athletic background and passion about helping others discover the determination to reach their full potential and personal goals. Faith also spends her time outside the Rosaline Hampton salon mentoring high school students in her local youth group year round.

  • Day 2

    All About Hair with Kay Matthews

    Mall Challenge

    Los Angeles Fashion Designer Courtney Allegra

    Dreams and Personal Goals Seminar #2

    Kay Matthews Today's Mentors

    Kay Matthews Accomplished hair and makeup stylist, Kay Matthews is known for her amazing hair and makeup styles, and her work has been featured in both local and national magazines, television, and film.

    Michelle Taylor

    Courtney Allegra Sixteen-year-old fashion designer, Courtney Allegra garnered buzz when she unveiled her ready to wear S/S 2013 collection. Her strong sense of personal style, edgy designs and charisma positions her as a strong force in the fashion industry. Designing since the age of twelve, Courtney Allegra’s drive to excel blossomed as she turned her passion into a business when she began to produce her own designs.

  • Day 3

    Makeup with the Makeup Geek Marlena Stell

    Fitness & Nutrition with Bekah Baker

    Personal Journey with Marlena Stell

    “Self” Seminar and Dream Boards with Amy Yamada

    Marlena Stell Today's Mentors

    Marlena Stell CEO of Makeup Geek- a makeup education website geared for helping the everyday person feel just a bit more beautiful – Marlena’s goal in life is to help even just one person feel more confident about themselves. Her tutorials on YouTube are easy-to-follow, with an emphasis on the value of inner and outer beauty!

    Bekah Baker

    Bekah Baker is a National NPC Bikini Competitor, Co-Owner of Pro Body Supplements, Fitness and Commercial Spokesmodel, Motivational Speaker, and Mother of four kids! Bekah is a life-loving fitness enthusiast, and loves to share her experience and knowledge to help those around her reach their health goals.

    Amy Yamada

    Amy Yamada is a talented and personable emcee and spokeswoman, International Success Mentor and co-founder of Lean Goddess. From black tie galas to conferences to fashion shows, Amy has a broad portfolio of speaking engagements on stage and on camera and is passionate about inspiring audiences to live life to the fullest!

  • Day 4

    Stage Presence and Graduation Show Rehearsal with Tanji Johnson

    Graduation Show: MC Amy Yamada and DJ RC “Radiyo” Johnson

    Tanji Johnson Today's Mentor

    Tanji Johnson Tanji Johnson has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years and is currently ranked Top 2 in the world in IFBB Pro Fitness. She has earned six professional IFBB fitness titles in her career. Tanji serves as a Fitness, Figure and Bikini coach and has influenced over 300 women to her Save Fitness Team that she founded in 2008.

  • Day 5/Reflection